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Digital CCTV (Digital Closed Circuit Television) is the latest technology used in quality surveillance systems. That's why it's what we specialize in. Aussie Surveillance DVR's are extensively tested and selected to provide both value for money and the quality of the recorded footage. Inferior quality Surveillance systems can look good when viewing "Live" footage but fail miserable when it comes to the recorded footage and its later retrieval. 

That's why Aussie Surveillance recommends the use of a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) system in all commercial establishments for recording high resolution digital images to a hard disk drive (HDD) and the displaying of multiple camera images to a monitor. With internet access, most smartphones, tablets devices and PC's allow you to remotely view your business 24/7. Alerting you in real-time of any security breach, streaming live camera footage straight to your device and the ability to easily search archived videos by date, time and camera, and even control your camera views.

Choosing the correct quality is the most important step to any security DVR system so feel free to submit an inquiry, or contact us directly for Professional advice.