Tech Specs

Pro2’s high quality HDMI splitters take a single signal input — Bluray, HD TV, PayTV (Foxtel), Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 etc. — and split them to multiple outputs without any signal loss.

Our range provides an ideal solution from a simple home installation to a massive 16 monitor commercial installation. All models come in a robust metal case that ismade up of a solid construction that is built to last.

The Pro2 HDMI splitters are also powered, meaning they also help you extend your cable runs by equalising your signals and reclocking them before passing them onto the displays.
 Operating Temperature Range -5 to +35°C(+23 to +95°F) 
 Operating Humidity Range  5 to 90%RH (No Condensation)
Bandwidth frequency  10.2Gbps
 Input ports  1xHDMI(female)
 Output ports  2xHDMI outputs(female)
Resolution outputs  up to 4Kx2K([email protected] YUV 4:2:0)
 Dimensions(LxWxH)  75x68x25.2mm
 Power consumption  1W(MAX)
 Transmission Distance  15m(Maximum)over standard HDMI cable/26AWG
Net Weight