This handheld tracking device with inbuilt mobile phone is simple and stylish and comes complete with belt clip or can be placed in a pocket or bag. By pressing and holding the side button this device advises the Control Room in less than a second of the button press.
The Control Room can make a call to the Device which it automatically answers to start a conversation with the person holding it.

How do I find where my employees are?
How do i track an asset?
Who does this device assist?
• The elderly not tied to a particular address
• Lone Employees
• Travelling staff visiting many locations eg District Nurse, Estate Agents etc
• Covering OH&S requirements

All that is required for the Device to function is mobile phone reception.
Child/Elderly Tracking
Emergency companies / lone workers / security guards
Service companies (personnel tracking)
Ideal for community & health-care institutions
Excellent personal security device
Live Internet tracking, affordable annual subscription based service