• Full Graphic Friendly User Interface that Allow Users to Use Mouse to Perform All the Operation (Support Multiple Languages)
• Individual HDD format and High Capacity (2TB HDD size allowed)
• Support Non-English Character and Input for Camera Titles
• Individual Channel Recording Setup (Resolution, Frame rates and Quality)
• Software De-interlacing to Enhance Live and Playback Quality and De-interlaced VGA Output
• Dual Video Streaming, One for Local Recording and the Other for Network Transmission
• Support Instant Playback and Playback Preview Mode
• User Define PTZ Tour (32 preset points)
• Support Image Import form USB Device
• For instance: In 4ch DVR, if Channel 1 is set to D1 resolution and 30fps recording speed, channel 2 to 4 still record at 1fps.
• Support 3G Mobile Phone Viewing (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile, JAVA, Symbian OS)