The AS-HDMI-EX is a device that allows the transmission of real-time HDMI video and audio signal via cost-effective Cat5 or 6 cables.

The AS-HDMI Extender includes one Transmitter Unit placed beside computer, STB or DVD player and one Receiver Unit placed beside HD display. RJ 45 allows easy connection of UTP cable input.

AS-HDMI-EX transmits and receives HDMI signal up to 80m via two UTP cat5e/6. It breaks the transmission limit of HDMI Cable. UTP cable is more flexible and convenient during cable installation.
• HD Television Hall
• Hospitals, Airports,Subway and banks
• KTV, Bar and Home Theatre
• Banking, securities, financial information display system
• Security Monitoring System
• Multimedia Network Teaching System
• Medical Monitoring Display System
• Industrial Automation Control System
• Remote Network Server Monitoring
• Department Store Security
• Casino Security
• School Campuses