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After more than 20 years' experience installing CCTV security cameras, Aussie Surveillance is now also selling DVR systems. We import and distribute the finest 4 channel DVR systems with extensively tried and tested formats.

Buy infrared cameras, surveillance and security camera systems online, direct from the wholesaler, and get great savings. You can rest assured that all of our CCTV cameras and DVRs are of the highest quality and are renowned for their reliability. All of our products are designed with easy installation in mind, and offer very user friendly support.

We supply DVRs that have faster transmission and playback. The featured dual-codec DVRs offer greater image quality and speed. The JPEG 2000 codec has a higher compression performance, which gives better image quality on playback. The H.264 codec is used for remote viewing over a network and compresses video more effectively than older CCTV standards allowing for faster transmission speeds.

The products section of our website lists the range of DVR s, infrared cameras and CCTV cameras we offer. CCTV security cameras are the ideal way to protect your business across a range of industries from retail to industrial. When combined with a DVR, CCTV cameras can effectively deter theft and vandalism, while in the unlikely event of a crime provide the necessary evidence to help catch and convict offenders in court.

Infrared and the new improved "magic" camera systems allow security cameras to work efficiently in the dark recording intruders to a DVR while they believe they're safely working under the cover of darkness. The break through high resolution video technology offered by DVR systems means that recorded video allows greater image detail and for more accurate identification. No more blurry and shaky VHS images in that critical frame displaying the offender's face.